Un p’tite vidéo qui m’a plu : Amiga music: Lotus III (compilation – Dolby Headphone)

Lotus III: The Ultimate Challenge (1992) music by Patrick Phelan. A compilation featuring all bigger themes from the game (and some course loading themes as transitions between them). This upload is intended for headphones only.

00:00 Intro
00:56 Main theme
03:12 Night loading
03:43 CD ‘Breathless’
06:33 Forest loading
06:55 CD ‘Metal Machine’
10:15 Motorway loading
10:31 CD ‘Space Ninja’
13:00 Marsh loading
13:22 CD ‘Miami Ice’
15:53 Mountain loading
16:22 CD ‘Shamrip’
18:54 Snow loading
19:20 Results

Stereo join versions of most of these tracks can be found in from Patrick Phelan playlist:

My real recordings of Lotus III can be found from my Recorded Amiga music playlist:

Visit my channel for more Amiga music.

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