Un p’tite vidéo qui m’a plu : Batman Rises – Amiga OCS Demo (50Hz)

Download: https://ift.tt/AGnFOmh
IMPORTANT! This demo uses special video modes. If possible, watch it on the real hardware and CRT monitor for a full experience.
However, to watch it properly in WinUAE:
1. In Windows, advanced display settings, select a refresh rate of 50Hz (if not available some demo parts will not be displayed correctly).
2. In the emulator, select a standard A500 OCS configuration with 1MB of RAM, 2 floppy drives enabled and Standard VSync in display settings, then insert the disk 1 adf file in df0 and the disk 2 adf in df1.

Minimum requirements:
* OCS Chipset.
* 512Kb Chip + 512Kb Slow/Fast memory.

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