Un p’tite vidéo qui m’a plu : Stephane Picq – Dune – Sietch Tabr / Fremen theme by @banjoguyollie

Here’s my cover of the Fremen theme (Also referred to as Sietch Tabr) by Stephane Picq from the original Dune game on the Amiga and PC-Dos . I’ve always meant to do more from this soundtrack but I felt I just couldn’t do it justice till recently. What was lacking was a couple of specific sounds and instruments for it. In the last year I’ve had some very generous folks donate a few instruments to the channel. Namely an Egyption Oud, a Darbuka Drum (which I’ve already used in my IK+cover) and a Lap Harp … along with some of the other percussive elements in the video like the large Kalimba the small Balafon and the small tabla drums among others (these were donated by a local friend and drummer here in my town) …
Here is the end result of me spending a few month trying to learn the basis of the Egyptian oud (thanks again guys) and these other bits. There was also the issue of the flute playing a non western type scale which I ended up solving by using sellotape to slightly mask the holes to get the right tone for the scale and play it just right in « tune ». A trick I learned from bagpipe players who often do this to correct for makers imperfections in the chanter bore and temperature expansion in their instrument … and one will most likely use again when required.

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