Un p’tite vidéo qui m’a plu : The Secret of Monkey Island Opening Theme (feat. DiscoCactus)

The opening theme of The Secret of Monkey Island, composed by Michael Z. Land, and arranged for brass ensemble and DiscoCactus by Thomas Kresge.

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The Game Brass:
🎵 John Robert Matz: Trumpet
🎵 Robby Duguay: Trumpet, Video
🎵 Danny Flam (From ConSoul Big Band): French Horn
🎵 John Stacy: French Horn
🎵 Daniel Romberger (DannyMusic): Trombone
🎵 Alex Hill (WarTubaFox): Tuba

🎵 Thomas Kresge: Arrangement, Mix

🎵 Doug Perry: Marimba, Percussion
🎵 Laura Intravia: Flute
🎵 Ben Wallace: Keyboard
🎵 Matheus Garcia Souza: Violin
🎵 Pete Bobinski: Guitar
🎵 Sam Bobinski: Bass

DiscoCactus is a collective of arrangers, composers and performers that specializes in clever, creative arrangements of video game soundtracks that blur the lines between contemporary art music and pop culture. The ensemble comprises a six-member core of game audio professionals that serve as DC’s arrangers as well as performers. Boasting an array of diverse musical backgrounds from rigorous classical training to fearless improvisation, a DiscoCactus performance is a genre-bending experience where audiences are treated to a plethora of musical styles, all arranged from original video game soundtracks. From hardcore gamers to casual observers, DiscoCactus is an experience for anyone to enjoy.

Watch more game soundtrack covers performed on brass here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsV5cKOOhPTIls75W_MBNNZ3kxfpGT-Mr

Notes from Thomas about this arrangement:
Ah… there’s nothing like the hot winds of the Game Brass blown’ in yer face. Summer is here, mateys, and we’re sailing in with the crew from DiscoCactus to bring ye an arrangement of the Opening Theme from the Secret of Monkey Island! This laidback, occasionally ominous, piece maybe doesn’t do a lot to warn ye about how ludicrous yer adventure through the Caribbean is going to be, but that’s also true of any DiscoCactus performance.
Every musician in DiscoCactus is an absolute virtuoso, and it was important that they all get a chance to feature themselves. I also wanted to take some cues from their own arrangements, especially those of keyboard player Ben Wallace, and a certain vocal break late in this track is an homage to that.
So hop aboard, and prepare to be insulted by this Game Brass/DiscoCactus mash-up!

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